Client: 10.98
Type: PvP
Rates: Exp: x3
Skills: x2
Mlvl: x1
Loot: x2
Systems: Diablo loot
Upgrade system
Tree cutting
Perk System
Live casts

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Alchemy allows us to create a whole range of powerful potions, from healing substances to various types of elixirs raising our statistics. To get started you just need to get a vial and a bowl (you can buy spells for each teacher). After using the vial on the dish, we will open a table with which we can mix and test the effects of various herbs. The main premise of the game is to use hand-made potions as the main support. (the selection of potions in stores is negligible and they have been deliberately weakened).

Created by: Webo. Engine: Znote AAC

Top 5 Levels

1 - Perasper Level: 406
2 - Mlody Czeczen Level: 354
3 - Clark Level: 353
4 - Wilczek Level: 242
5 - Faza Level: 234

Live Casts