Client: 10.98
Type: PvP
Rates: Exp: x3
Skills: x2
Mlvl: x1
Loot: x2
Systems: Diablo loot
Upgrade system
Tree cutting
Perk System
Live casts

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An innovative system that allows you to acquire unique items with original statistics. If the legendary object falls out, the difference in statistics is significant, the system works with the system of improving stones, which gives you the opportunity to create really powerful equipment. Unique items are divided into: Rare, epic and legendary, each has one or more unique statistics such as: sharpened, flawless, accuracy, range and much much more!

Created by: Webo. Engine: Znote AAC

Top 5 Levels

1 - Perasper Level: 406
2 - Mlody Czeczen Level: 354
3 - Clark Level: 353
4 - Wilczek Level: 242
5 - Faza Level: 234

Live Casts