Client: 10.98
Type: PvP
Rates: Exp: x3
Skills: x6
Mlvl: x2
Loot: x2
Systems: Diablo loot
Upgrade system
Tree cutting
Perk System
Live casts

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    The golden rule: Have fun.

    If you get pwn3d, don't hate the game.

    No cheating allowed.

    No botting allowed.

    The staff can delete, ban, do whatever they want with your account and your
    submitted information. (Including exposing and logging your IP).

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Created by: Webo. Engine: Znote AAC

Top 5 Levels

1 - Perasper Level: 406
2 - Mlody Czeczen Level: 354
3 - Clark Level: 353
4 - Wilczek Level: 242
5 - Faza Level: 234

Live Casts